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Our servers are housed in some of the best-connected and state-of-the-art hosting facilities in the world. Each data center utilizes a high-speed network infrastructure specifically designed and engineered to be fault tolerant and fully redundant. We work hard to ensure that everyone gets maximum uptime and reliability.
Data Center Location Specifics
The Planet
Uptime SLA 100%
AboveNet (AS6461) 4 Gbps
AT&T (AS7018) 5 Gbps
Global Crossing (AS3549) 10 Gbps
Level 3 (AS3356) 10 Gbps
MCI/UUNet (AS701) 3 Gbps
NTT/Verio (AS2914) 10 Gbps
Savvis (AS3561) 10 Gbps
Time Warner (AS4323) 1 Gbps
Private Peering 4 Gbps
Total 57 Gbps
The Planet - Unmetered
Uptime SLA 99.5%
The Planet: DC2, DC4  
Cogent (AS174) 5 Gbps
The Planet: DC5  
Cogent (AS174) 4 Gbps
Total 9 Gbps
Uptime SLA 99.9%
Savvis (AS3561) 24 Gbps
Total 24 Gbps
Uptime SLA 99.9%
Broadwing (AS6852) 2 Gbps
Level 3 (AS3356) 2 Gbps
Savvis (AS3561) 2 Gbps
Sprint (AS1239) 2 Gbps
Time Warner (AS4323) 2 Gbps
Total 10 Gbps
network last updated: 2011-07-02T02:39:01-05:00CDT (US/Central)
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