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We have over 18 years of combined experience in the IT industry and working with computers and the Internet.
Creation & Mission

Founded in 1998, The Root Underground began as a local gaming group in Houston and Katy Texas.

In late 2000 we created a web site intended to educate and bring together new computer users, gamers, and other IT guru's.

In August of 2002 TRU Networks was born with a mission to provide clans and personal sites with top-notch quality web hosting. We were sick and tired of seeing people using ad and popup-infested hosting services such as AngelFire, Freewebs, GeoCities, and Tripod with very little space and bandwidth.

In the Spring of 2003 TRU Networks expanded into selling game servers, support and consulting services, graphic and web design design, and later adding dedicated servers to the mix.

We truly care about each and every project put before us as if it were our very own. That's why when you choose us you can be assured you'll receive the utmost quality of work.
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