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E-mail Addresses
Note: After copying the address or clicking the link, replace the " <AT> " with an @.
This helps to prevent Spammers from collecting our addresses through the use of automated bots or "spiders".
Sales Inquires: (e.g., sales and order-related inquiries)
sales <AT>
Support Inquires: (e.g., technical support requests and troubleshooting assistance)
support <AT>
Billing Inquires: (e.g., billing inquiries and help with payment methods)
billing <AT>
Abuse Inquires: (e.g., report abuse, violations of AUP, TOS, or possible Spam from our network)
abuse <AT>
Security Inquiries: (e.g., any non-abuse issues, report possible security threats)
security <AT>
PayPal: (Use only at to send manual payments.)
Live IM-based (Text) Chat Information
AIM: RootWebGod
Google Talk: RootWebGod <AT> (Notice: Not for e-mail communication!)
ICQ: 37388217
Skype: RootWebGod
WLM/MSN: RootWebGod <AT> (Notice: Not for e-mail communication!)
Yahoo: RootWebGod
If you're already registered on one or more IM networks, we recommend using the free, open-source software application, Pidgin, to simultaneously connect to multiple IM accounts. Resources for Pidgin and related IM information is available on our Live Chat page.
Telephone (TEL): +1 (888) 285-3008

If you have a critical emergency, call any time, day or night, even if after normal phone hours. Emergencies may be related to critical support needs, reports of abuse, or security concerns. Non-emergencies entail most sales and billing inquiries and "out-of-band" or low priority questions.
Phone Hours
Sunday   Emergencies-only
Monday   1500 - 2100
Tuesday   1500 - 2100
Wednesday   1500 - 2100
Thursday   1500 - 2100
Friday   1500 - 2100
Saturday   Emergencies-only
U.S. Central Time
(UTC/GMT Offset: CST,-0600; CDT,-0500)
Location Information
Mailing Address

3812 Audley STE 04111
Houston, TX 77098

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